Tuesday, April 17, 2018

You Need A Small Person

My almost three year old, Easton, has a favorite phrase these days. He always says ...
"Mommy you always need a small person to help you."

You need a small person to help you with the dishes, to shovel, to cook and clean. You need a small person to tell you how to drive and do 'scissoring on paper'. You need a small person to play 'super hero gotcha and trap' (his new made up games). You need a small person to get medications ready, make formula, and push the buttons on the machines. And you for sure need a small person to follow you around and tell you if you are doing everything correct or not.

Its easy to make excuses and say no. Its easy to tell him to just go and do something else. Its easy to just do easy.  But he just might be right. I do need a small person to help me.  I need these two small people to help me just like these small people need me.

After finding out Easton is free of the genetic mutation that both my husband, Daryl, and I carry, and that Brecken was found positive to have. I need this small person more than ever.

I need him to help me wash the dishes, I need him to help fold laundry. I need him to make formula for his little brothers feeding tube, push the button for the nebulizer, to help put a sticker on Brecken's toe to monitor his oxygen. I need him next to me as I draw up 10 different medications to administer to my thirteen month old sweet baby boy three times a day. Because I need a small person to help me feel like there is someone helping me along saying "you got this."

Your doing ok. You will be ok. Its going to be ok mommy. I will help you.
Because we all know one thing.... what three year old is ever wrong. :)

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