Monday, April 22, 2019

And Just Like That Your FOUR!

Last night as we were driving home, I glanced behind me to check on Easton. After a fun, exciting, but very busy holiday weekend, he had quickly fallen asleep in his car seat. But this time I took just a little longer to soak up this sweet baby of mine. Yet, he wasn't my little baby anymore, he was tall and handsome and well... all grown up. All the emotions of the day I brought him home from the hospital flooded my mind and the thought that tomorrow he will wake up as a FOUR year old. How did my sweet little tiny baby become such a grown boy?

He was born on earth day and he certainly is my nature loving kid. He loves being outside every second he can. He likes finding sticks and taking walks and spending his afternoons at the playgrounds. He is incredibly smart. After telling him the other day that he was officially enrolled in 4PreK this fall, he told me that he doesn't need to go to school cause he knows everything, even telling me what 2+2 was. (he was correct and said 4 as he counted properly on his fingers). He is independent and strong willed. I constantly have to take a step back when he informs me he can do it himself. And well bargaining is getting extremely difficult these days.


Although I am biased, the love Easton has for his Mommy, is by far his best trait and simply my favorite. He wakes up and loves to snuggle buggle all morning. He puts up with my million jillion kisses and hugs he gets every day. And he is always finding hearts everywhere he goes to remind me that hearts tell us we love each other. This little boy amazes me every single day. Not a day goes by that he teaches me something new. And I couldn't be more proud to be his mama!

But I would have to admit that parenting him through the last couple years has been the most difficult. Going through the loss of one child while trying to nurture, comfort, and understand the other child is complicated. I often forget that he is grieving too. He has bad days and he has good days. There are days when I wonder if he understands what has happened and days when he says something that tells me he absolutely gets it.


He DOES miss his baby brother and his Papa because he tells me. He wants to know where the stairs to heaven are so he can visit them and he wants to know when they are coming back. And he very much understands why this world is sad because they are gone. But he has been a huge reason why it has been easier to keep moving. He keeps a smile on my face and my heart more full. And I am thankful every single day for him.

So my sweet, amazing, smart, funny boy. My Easton Paul. My FOUR year old. Always know momma loves you more than you know. Always keep that sense of wonder and curiosity. Keep us laughing with your witty sense of humor and infectious laughter. Stay strong and brave. Always and forever know you have amazing guardian angels watching you from above. I cant wait to share more and more birthdays with you.

Love you to infinity and bebob.