Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Pregnancy Through A Pandemic

Like I said before, pregnancy after loss is hard. Through the joy, happiness, and hope comes the fears, the isolation, and the high anxiety.

But then to add to it all, the coronavirus. That scary, silent disease overtaking this world. Through this entire pregnancy I have been so diligent about keeping my baby safe. Don't eat this, don't lift heavy objects, exercise, drink lots of water, etc. And now Stay At Home!

Today I am 20 weeks! HALF WAY there!! An exciting time to go in for a check up, and the best part, the ultrasound. Although this time I had to go alone. I felt terrible when they told me my husband wasn't allowed to come with me for this much anticipated appointment. He wasn't able to be there to watch our little peanut wriggle and move around. Thank goodness for technology, he was able to use face-time for a short time to see a little bit, but definitely was not the same.

I was also scared of walking into a clinic/urgent care facility that might be filled with germs. Luckily a wonderful friend gave me a mask to wear so I felt a little safer. The clinic did a great job of escorting me to a safe space right away and it went smooth and I felt safe the entire time.

But the most difficult part of this pandemic is staying at home.... It has been SO hard! Since about the middle of March I have been good about not going anywhere. I haven't gone to Target or any store in weeks. It has been (thankfully) convenient to order groceries online and have them dropped off at my door. But then, as we call it, go through the decontamination process of cleaning it all. Using hand sanitizer, washing hands, and lysol wipes a plenty.  But I will do my best to keep myself, my baby, and my family safe.

These times are weird. Its difficult and its different. Its scary and its crazy. I hope every day that this will be going downhill by the time August comes around and I can happily and safely welcome this little one into the world. I hope in the years to come I have a good story to tell them about getting through this pandemic.

So my note to all of you, to my village. STAY HOME. Follow the guidelines. Keep those loved ones around you safe and healthy. Thank you all to those health care workers and all my fellow favorite Nurses for all you do! I am glad I am able to stay at home and not work at this time. Thank you to the delivery workers and grocery shoppers also. Thank you.

No matter what, we are in this together.