Monday, June 14, 2021

A First Fight


Today for the very first time, I had to break up a little fight between my kids. My nine month old was trying to eat grass and sticks and her six year old brother was trying to take the sticks and grass away. It was kind of funny because they were actually getting frustrated at each other. 

And I didn't stop them. For a full minute I sat and watched them. Yep I sat and watched them get more frustrated with each other. I soaked it all in, and I enjoyed it. 


I enjoyed watching my six year old have someone to fight with, because I miss the fact that he doesn't have his four year old brother here to really get on his nerves. I enjoyed watching my nine month old give up a little bit of a fight, because I miss being able to see if Brecken would have put up a fight with his other siblings. It should of been the gazillionth fight I broke up. I should be grumpy and frustrated. 

But no, today my kids got into a fight and I enjoyed it. I sat back and watched and finally felt lucky that they were able to get on each others nerves. Like true siblings. Like I did with my brother and sister growing up. Because my sweet (should be four year old) Brecken should be here to do that. 


I am not actually looking forward to the gazillionth fight between my children. We will get there someday. But I will always remember that when that time comes, I might be able to handle it with a little bit more grace.