Monday, April 9, 2018

My Story of Momming Strong

And here it goes. A place to share MY story.  My crazy, wild, emotional story of becoming a Mommy. And all the "Momming" that comes with it.
I would have to say that being a Mom has always been my number one goal in my life. I had dreams as a little girl of having a huge family. Lots and Lots and Lots of babies. 

First I became a registered nurse. Then I became a wife. Then finally a MOM.
On April 22, 2015 we welcomed our first sweet, handsome, wonderful little baby boy into this world. Then 22 months later on March 4, 2017 we added a second sweet, handsome, wonderful little baby boy to our family. And life was great. I was a mom of boys! I was ready for the dirt and the sports and wrestling. I was ready for the trucks and cars. I was ready to get a really nice pair of running shoes to chase these little boys around for years to come. I was ready to add more beautiful babies to our family.

But what I wasn't ready for was what happened December 28th, 2017. The night that being a Mom put on a whole new meaning. The night when parts of mommyhood were stripped of me. That night and days to come when you find strength and courage you never knew existed. 

Welcome to my journey. The ups and downs, the emotions, the laughs, the tears, the happiness, frustrations and fears, sadness and anger, courage and strength, and of course the joys and smiles. 

My story of 'Momming Strong'.


  1. Well said Momma! Your writing abilities far surpass mine and I am blessed to have you with me on this journey :)

  2. One of the strongest I'm blessed to know!!!!
    #breckenstrong #momminstrong

  3. Your boys are truly blessed to have you as their momma and you're doing one hell of a job. 💕

  4. Sarah, you are strong, you are filled with so much love for your family. Draw on that strength and love on those days that bring emotions to the surface. Let loved ones surround you with comfort. "Take one day at a time." And, know you have lots of prayers for you and your family.