Monday, March 22, 2021

A Golden Birthday In Heaven


Happy 4th Birthday Baby boy. 

Today is your birthday. You are FOUR years old! It is seriously hard to believe! It is your golden birthday! I went to Dunkin Donuts (my favorite place ever) with your big brother Easton and he picked out an ice cream cake with all kinds of fun colors on it! I bought you a giant number 4 balloon. I also got this pretty cool sparkler candle and we sang happy birthday to you. 

And as we were singing and I looked around, I didn't see you. I didn't see that four year old little boy who should be grinning ear to ear as we sang. I didn't get to see you blow out your candles or eat a big piece of cake. I didn't get to see you open your presents. It was hard to imagine what you would of looked like or what you would be interested in. 

And my heart shattered all over again. 

Brecken, I promise you, I will never forget your birthday. I will always have a cake and candle for you. I will always sing your happy birthday. I will never forget. Ever.

Happy Birthday in heaven little buddy. I bet Papa has some fun things planned for you. 

Love you to infinity and bebob. 


**(This was posted late- Breckens Birthday is March 4, 2017). 

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